Terms of self-service

dip’s terms for business

The term self-service advertisement applies to your use of Deals in Places (aka: dip), a brand and mobile application owned and operated by Overseer Ltd, for the creation, uploading and delivery of your promotional offer advertisement. You must agree to the following terms in order to use the dip platform for the purposes of self-service advertising. By using the dip platform you automatically agree to all terms of self-service outlined as follow and any breach whatsoever may result in the suspension or expulsion of your account.

Privacy Notice

We have a robust Privacy Notice. By using dip you agree that you have read it, understand it and have granted the relevant consents. We may require further consent and we will ask for it should it be necessary. You can read our Privacy Notice here.

What you can do with us

You can target your desired audience in your desired location through the dip platform. When you create your self-service advertisement you will inform us of the type of advertisement you wish to purchase by answering a series of questions. We will endeavour to serve your advertisement to the best of our ability however we cannot guarantee that the advertisement will reach the audience you specify, the location you specify and the outcome you desired.

Uploading content

You agree to only upload imagery, video, written copy and other such forms of content to the dip platform that you own, licence or have permission to publish. We are not liable for the content of your self-service advertisement. You agree to publish content that is appropriate to the field it is published in. For example, the headline field must contain a genuine headline, the main copy must contain genuine written copy and the recommended retail price must be accurate. Your main body image must not contain text and reflect the particulars of your sales promotion.

You agree not to publish prohibited content. Prohibited content includes profanity, nudity, insulting language or imagery, discriminatory language or imagery, violent language or imagery, rude language or imagery, disrespectful language or imagery, politicized language or imagery, controversial language or imagery, misleading or false language or imagery, language or imagery that implies our endorsement of your product or services. Such content will be rejected immediately or removed at any stage after.

Is is forbbiden to publish self-service advertisements related to illegal products or services, tobacco products, unsafe supplements, unsafe medications, weapons, ammunition, explosives, payday loans, cryptocurrency products or services, drugs, prostitution services, alcohol targeted towards underage audiences, adult products or services targeted towards underage audiences, financial or insurances products or services targeted towards underage audiences, dating products or services targeted towards underage audiences and any other product or service that we feel to be unethical, inappropriate or not in line with our corporate brand values. It is your responsibility to ensure the legality of targeting your chosen audience with your self-service advertisement in your chosen location. Such content will be rejected immediately or removed at any stage after.

Using your assets

You agree that we can use the content of your self-service advertisement, including but not limited to, your logo, imagery, video and written copy, without notification, at the time of upload and anytime in the future, for any reason that we see fit, including but not limited to, our social media channels, website, presentations and advertising. We agree that we will cease to use your content if you ask us, provided that there is reasonable cause to do so, or that we are compelled to do so by law.

Publishing your content

We may reject your advertisement immediately upon creation or thereafter for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, a breach of our terms, a breach in the law or an advertisement that does not adhere to our standards, without notice. As part of our efforts to enforce honesty and integrity amongst our advertising community, we will regularly check self-service advertisements for dishonest information and practices. Dishonest self-service advertisements or self-service adverts published by dishonest accounts may be removed from dip immediately, including any saved deals yet to be redeemed by our users.

In most cases we will publish your self-service advertisement immediately, however in some instances it may take longer. Your self-service advertisement may not run immediately for a number of reasons. Ensuring the running of your promotion is your responsibility. Should space become limited, self-service advertisements with a higher maximum cost-per-click will take priority. The most common reason for deals failing to display is that your chosen category in your chosen location is experiencing a large number of active deals and other dip self-service advertisers have chosen a higher cost-per-click and thus bid more. However, in most instances we will give your category priority at minimum cost-per-click in area where you occupy a physical shop. If your self-service advertisement is published, we will continue to run it until your daily budget runs out, it expires, its switched off manually, or other self-service advertisers outbid you in your categories at your chosen locations. You are wholly responsible for the maintenance of your self-service advertisement. You accept that if you negligently leave your promotional offer running by failing to utilise our pause function, delete function or expiry date function, you will still be liable to any billing that may occur.

Using our assets

If you have created a self-service advertisement on dip within the past 6 months, we agree that you can use the dip logo, pink spelling of the word dip over white background, in your own marketing material provided that it is in the correct colour palette (236, 26,121) and font (Chewy). Contact us for more detail on this. If you use the dip logo without creating a self-service advertisement within the past 6 months, we may charge you a fee of £333 (GBP) for each time the logo was used and an additional 5% for each day (24 hours) the material remains published from the point of publishing. This will remain regardless if the marketing material in question lead to your financial gain or not. We may send you a cease and desist letter that you agree to adhere to, along with an invoice for the previously disclosed amount which you agree to pay within 30 days of invoice receipt. Past due amounts will accrue interest of 5% per month or the legal maximum amount, whichever is less. You must not use a similar logo or graphic that would lead a person of reasonable mind to believe it relates to us. We reserve the right to remove permission to use the dip logo, even if our terms are adhered to, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, we do not wish to be aligned with your brand, we have suspended your account, you failed to adhere to our terms of use or terms of self-service and your use of our logo is aesthetically unpleasing.


We will allow you access to analytics through the dip publisher. You agree not to resell or misuse this data for any purpose other than the strategic decision making process of creating deals on dip.

Public domain

Our agreement to deliver each advertisement ends when we perform that duty. However you agree that your advertisement is in the public domain once delivered and can be shared, screenshot and passed on to other individuals. We our powerless to stop this and you agree that we are not liable should this occur.

Sharing content

You consent that we may disclose your advertising content and all information pertaining to the content to any third-party that we see fit for any reason that we see fit. This does not include any personal data pertaining to any individual. Your rights under GDPR are maintained.

Conversion rates

We have no control over the conversion rate of your self-service advertisements and you accept that you are wholly responsible for the advertisements impact on your desired outcome.


Your advertisements must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines as well as our own advertising policies. Failure to comply may result in the cancelation of your advertisements, termination of your account, prosecution or other such action by the relevant third-party authority or governing body.

You agree to include your own terms and conditions in each of your self-service advertisements within the mechanism we provide you to do so. You can include these in writing or include a link for consumers to follow to find your terms and conditions. You are responsible to adhering to your own terms and conditions and accept that they are between you and your target market and we are not party to them. You agree that you are wholly responsible for delivering on the assurances and promises delivered to dip users through your self-service advertisement.

Your liabilities

In no event shall we become liable for instances where you lose revenue, the potential of revenue, profits, anticipated profits, contracts, savings, business, reputation, data or any indirect consequence of using our self-service advertising platform. Nor shall we become liable for any losses incurred by dip users or your customers due to your actions or the actions of your employees and agents. This includes, but is not limited to, your internal third-party deal redemption software malfunctioning, your employee or agent damaging property belonging to dip users and the spreading of misinformation through the dip platform by you, whether intentional or otherwise.


As a courtesy to you and our app users, we may pass complaints received from our app users that pertain to your self-service advertisement or other actions, or lack thereof, to you and should this happen you agree that you are responsible for the handling of the complaint. Frequent complaints may lead to the removal of your account from our platform. Complaints of a serious nature may be reported to the relevant advertising authority, council or police.

Any complaints that you may have about us or dip app users should be directed to us through the app or our contact page on our website. Such complaints will be handled in accordance with our complaints procedure. Decisions will be final unless we are legally obligated by a third-party regulator to allow opportunity to appeal.


You will receive and pay for our invoice on the first day of each month, pertaining to the prior month, and we will collect payment by charging your credit/debit card. You must ensure that you provide correct payment details prior to your first billing date. You agree to only add a payment method to your dip business account if you have permission to do so. The amount that you owe is available to review at any time through your dip business account. If we or you cancel your dip business account before the next collection date, you agree to pay the amount owed regardless. You are also aware that if your self-service advertisement is not switched off, or the expiry date has not been reached, you will continue to be billed. If this occurs due to your own error, you must still pay for the self-service advertisement. We will not offer a refund, unless we billed you too much in error. You may be required to pay taxes or Value Added Tax (VAT) depending on your location, the location in which your self-service advertisement will be delivered and the location in which you are selling your product or service. You are responsible for self-assessing and paying any and all relevant taxes and VAT in your country. We cannot give tax advice and for further guidance you should contact the relevant authority in your country.

If your payment method is past due or fails for any reason, unless it was our fault, we may take additional steps to collect. You agree to pay any and all costs associated with this, including but not limited to our time and actions pertaining to legal proceedings. Past due amounts will accrue interest of 5% per month or the legal maximum amount, whichever is less.

If you are advertising on behalf of a third-party, you must have permission to do so. You agree to pay all accrued amounts regardless if the third-party fails in their commitment to pay you. You may be held liable if a third-party you represent violates our terms. You can cancel your advertisement at any time but it may run for up to 12 hours after cancellation. You are still responsible for paying for these advertisements and agree to allow redemption of any surplus vouchers, coupons and deals that are within your specified expiry date.

By placing a self-service advertisement you authorise us to obtain a personal or business credit check at any time that we see fit.


You are responsible for overseeing the security of your own account and agree that you are responsible to pay for advertisements created by any other person that accessed your account because of your own negligence.


At times, we need to perform testing of our platform and this may impact your advertising. We will determine the size of your audience and placement of your advertisements. Your advertisements will be placed depending on availability and may not be continuous. We make no guarantee on the size of your audience or how your advertisement will perform.

Limitations and fraud

We cannot control how clicks on your advertisement are generated. If we detect fraudulent clicks or third-party software generated clicks we will put an immediate halt to them, but we are not responsible should this occur. If this does occur and we are able to identify the third-party, we will pass their data on to you if you request it. Should you request this, you will become a data-controller and agree you are responsible for the lawful handling of such data.


If you wish to outsource your use of the dip platform to a third-party, such as an advertising agency or freelance professional, we will not be held liable for anything resulting from the relationship that you have with that third-party. You are solely responsible for the management of the third-party operating on your account and remain liable to pay any money owed to us as per our usual terms of self-service. You should ensure the third-party is familiar with our terms of self-service. You may be held responsible for the actions and conduct of the third-party that represents you.

If you wish to become a dip PAL (Deals in Places Partnered Advertising Liaison), we invite you to make a case to us. A dip PAL is an advertising agency or freelance professional that is so proficient in dip that we recommend their services to businesses that wish to outsource their use of dip. Although we recommend dip PALs’ services to other advertisers, they do not represent dip or Overseer Ltd. All dip PALs are liable for their own actions, or lack of actions, from the moment we recommend their services to businesses or sole-traders. They should familiarise themselves with our Terms of Self-Service. All dip PALs must agree to terms which they set out with other advertisers on a service provider / client basis and we will not be involved, nor agree to mediate, in this process. We recommend that all dip PALs and businesses or sole-traders conduct independent research into any third-party prior to entering any business relationship and obtain independent legal advice when appropriate to do so. We do not provide dip PALs with insider knowledge, secrets or any other information that could be deemed as providing an unfair advantage on the dip platform.

We make no guarantee that we will recommend a business or sole-trader a dip PAL if asked, nor that we will refer a business or sole-trader to a dip PAL. We reserve the right to recommend and refer as we see fit, based on factors including, but not limited to, professionalism, location, previous work, our professional relationship, prior assurances, first-come first-serve and availability. We may not share the particulars of how we came to our decisions on these matters. We may require payment from a dip PAL of a referral fee in order to supply them with new business, the terms of which will be agreed prior with the dip PAL.

Technical failures

Technical failures will not impact your value for money on the dip platform. Therefore, we may not notify you of technical failures that impacted the delivery of your self-service advertisement. However, if we notice a technical fault that led to overbilling, we will contact you immediately and rectify the matter, by way of refund.

Misuse of social proof

You agree not to lie about or negatively exaggerate your user experience on the dip platform, especially in an attempt to coerce us, in writing on any third-party forum, social media platform or review collection platform. You agree that doing so may constitute as libel and understand that we will take the appropriate legal action if appropriate to do so. You understand that you may be removed from the dip platform as a result of such actions. We recommend addressing concerns with us privately so that we may address any or all issues that you may have directly. We accept and encourage your right to discuss dip in writing provided it is a true and accurate account of the realities of your experience, be it positive or negative.

Conflicts of interest

By using the dip platform you agree that other businesses, some of which you may consider competition, may also use the platform. You accept that this does not constitute as a conflict of interest. We will never, for any reason, provide an advantage to one business over another nor provide insider knowledge, secrets or any other information that could be deemed as providing an unfair advantage on the dip platform.

Unsolicited suggestions

Although we regularly conduct research to improve the dip app, we do not accept or consider any unsolicited ideas, suggestions or improvements of any kind from any individual or agency. You should not send us, directly or otherwise, any ideas, suggestions or improvements, unless we have asked you to. If you do send us ideas, suggestions or improvements, you understand that we will own the content of the communication and may use it for any purpose, without restrictions and free of any obligation to acknowledge or compensate you.

Come back soon

We reserve the right to amend our terms at any time without notice and recommend that you frequently check for possible updates.