Terms of use

dip’s terms for app users

The terms of use refers to app user’s use of Deals in Places (aka: dip), a brand and mobile application, or app, owned and operated by Overseer Ltd, to identify, save and redeem vouchers, coupons, discounts, sales and other varieties of promotional offers that we categorise as deals. You must agree to the following terms in order to use the dip app as a consumer to avail of services found on it. By using the dip app you automatically agree to all terms of use outlined as follows.

Privacy Notice

We have a robust Privacy Notice. By using dip you agree that you have read it, understand it and have granted the relevant consents. We may require further consent and we will ask for it should it be necessary. You can read our Privacy Notice here.

What we do

We will display the deals of third-party businesses and sole-traders to you for free, based on your interests and locations. Third-Party businesses and sole-traders upload their own deals onto the dip platform and are subject to a robust terms of self-service agreement. We do everything that we can to reasonably ensure this agreement is adhered to but some terms may be breached from time to time. You can assist our regulation of these business users by making use of our report function. This function helps us identify rogue business users and take the appropriate steps required to enforce our policies. By using the report function you agree not to abuse it by lying, committing libel, exaggerating or attempting to discredit or damage the third-party business or sole-trader in any unwarranted way. Failure to adhere to this term may result in warnings, a restriction of your account, suspension from dip or expulsion from dip.


Although the deals found on dip provide value to you, at no cost to you, each deal is technically an advertisement. Therefore third-party businesses and sole-traders, and we, must adhere to advertising laws, rules and regulations in the areas in which we displayed the deals. Third-party businesses and sole-traders are advertisers. We are publishers.

You must be aged 18 or over to use dip and confirm your age upon the creation of an account. Some deals found on dip may not be suitable for children. Third-parties and sole-traders are not given the tools to target their deals to children, but may target the parents of children.

Using dip

Clicking on and saving deals on dip are free. When redeeming a deal, you will do so directly with the third-party or sole-trader that the deal pertains to in-store, online or through any other communication. We are not part of the transaction and will not handle any money, nor gain profit from the transaction. You should be certain that the good or services offered fit your purposes and standards before redeeming the deal. You should exercise caution before engaging with any third-party business or sole-trader on the dip app. You should be aware that individuals with malicious or criminal intend may fraudulently display deals using the intellectual property of a third-party business or sole-trader that they are not entitled to use. Should you detect such activity, you should report it to us, and the relevant authorities, immediately. We will not accept liability for any losses that you incur whatsoever as a result of falling victim to a scam.

Advertiser Liabilities

Third-party business and sole-traders may publish a link to a website in the deal that they created. We do not accept responsibility for any harm, damage or losses resulting from the website they direct to. You should never click on a link unless you have put the appropriate virus protections, firewalls and cyber-security measures in place. They may also publish links to telephone numbers, email addresses and other forms of contact. We do not accept responsibility for these and the communication you enter via these.

Third-party and sole-traders are responsible for inserting terms & conditions of their promotional offer into every deal they create and publish on the dip platform. You should read these carefully before engaging with the deal and ensure that you agree with them. We advise that you proceed with caution should the terms & conditions be vague, unclear, unfair or absent. We will not liable for or accept responsibility for any customer service disgruntlement, including, but not limited to dissatisfaction, loss, failure to deliver a product or service or issue that you have regarding the redemption of the deal. You agree that any disgruntlement that you have should be taken up directly with the third-party business or sole-trader. If you feel that a deal has breached our policies, we advise that you use our in-app reporting function.

Account and security

To use the dip app you must create an account and supply use with the information that we require upon account creation. The information includes, but is not limited to, your age, email address, password and gender. This information must be accurate and we will hold it on our systems securely and legally. You are responsible for your account security and should be mindful of it at all times. You must not share your account details with anyone else, including, but not limited to your username and password.


Where you have given the relevant consents, we will send you push notifications to alert you of deals. We will send notifications based on numerous factors and conditions being met. You, if you choose, can switch off notifications at any time within the app or in the settings of your device. There is also a snooze function that you can avail of and an auto-snooze functions that prevents more than one notification being received should you not have engaged with the first notification for a 24 hour period. The dip app user experience cannot be fully enjoyed without notifications being allowed.


Where you have given the relevant consents, we will track your location and display deals relevant to it in your in-app deal feed. You, if you choose, can switch off location tracking at any time within the settings of your device. If you do this, we will not display any new deals to you. You will be unable to avail of the service without location tracking. We have a robust and ever improving system in place to help conserve the battery life of devices that you use dip on.


Whilst using dip, you agree not to save, copy or replicate, nor falsify, any content on the app that has been created and displayed by us or our third-party business or sole-trader partners.


We will hold data on you and will do so safely, legally and ethically. We are compliant to the most stringent data protections laws and fully comply with GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act. For more information on this, see our Privacy Notice.


To create the best experience for yourself whilst using the dip app, you should select 1 or more categories and subcategories located on the platform. You can change these at any time. Categories are a form of self-segmentation that allows us to display deals to you that are relevant. If you do not select any categories, we will not be able to display deals to you. We do our best to ensure categories are populated with deals relevant to each category. However, sometimes third-party businesses and sole-traders may attempt to exploit this feature. We regularly monitor the deals published on dip and in instances that our policies have been breached, we will take appropriate action. You can assist our regulation of these business users by making use of our report function.


You agree not to exploit any feature, bug or process found on the dip app that harms, damages or takes advantage of us or any other business or sole-trader in anyway. Doing so may result in in warnings, a restriction of your account, suspension from dip or expulsion from dip. We may also, if appropriate to do so, notify the relevant authorities and/or any relevant third-party business or sole trader of your actions.

Misuse of social proof

You agree not to lie about or negatively exaggerate your user experience on the dip platform, especially in an attempt to coerce us, in writing on any third-party forum, social media platform or review collection platform. You agree that doing so may constitute as libel and understand that we will take the appropriate legal action if appropriate to do so. We recommend addressing concerns with us privately so that we may address any or all issues that you may have directly. We accept and encourage your right to discuss dip in writing provided it is a true and accurate account of the realities of your experience.

Technical Failures

As we offer dip to you for free, technical failures will not impact your value for money on the dip platform. Therefore, we may not notify you of technical failures that impacted the delivery of your deal. However, if you subscribe to dip to avail of additional features and if we notice a technical fault that led to overbilling we will contact you immediately and rectify the matter, by way of refund. However, we may not notify you if a technical failure led to the restriction of the service we offer.

Unsolicited suggestions

Although we regularly conduct research to improve the dip app, we do not accept or consider any unsolicited ideas, suggestions or improvements of any kind from any individual or agency. You should not send us, directly or otherwise, any ideas, suggestions or improvements, unless we have asked you to. If you do send us ideas, suggestions or improvements, you understand that we will own the content of the communication and may use it for any purpose, without restrictions and free of any obligation to acknowledge or compensate you.

Come back soon

We reserve the right to amend our terms at any time without notice and recommend that you frequently check for possible updates.